The Coldest Place in The World

Living in Oymyakon, as you can imagine, comes with some very interesting challenges. Eye glasses are known to freeze to faces, batteries lose power very quickly, cars have to remain running during the day if they are not parked in a heated garage, and even if there was mobile phone reception, the phone batteries would not survive the cold.

funny 1

funny 2

Because the growing season in Oymyakon is so short, people don’t often eat many fruits or vegetables. Their diets consist mainly of reindeer meat, horse meat, fish, and milk from their farm animals. Even though fruits and vegetables are rarely eaten, malnourishment is not an issue here.

Ice fisherman, Oymyakom, Yakutia, Siberia, Russia

funny 4

Oymyakon is home to many unique buildings. Originally used as a stopover for reindeer herders, it is now home to 500 people, with only 1 store to provide provisions to residents, and 1 petrol station nearby.

funny 5


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